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Photo by Christopher M. She ends up being murdered by her significant other Bill Sikes. So with a perfect boat in mind began sending inquiries to Craigslist postings for used boats [...]

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Notify me of new posts by email. Their gray hulls are spotted with rust. I had two deadlines for this dress one to have it done turn Textiles final project and wear as Queen Victoria the PEERS Young Ball which was May [...]

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Scott Haefner was up for challenge. I heard that the USS Iowa was one only battleship fitted with bathtub apparently for President Roosevelt and knew had to see [...]

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It was over. v. The sun rose birdchirping heralded dawn strangely enough it felt like everything was new that morning [...]

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Ten remain including the barge used as fleet offices and maintenance base. I m here now. Amy Heiden Many of the ships were former military vessels. Amy Navy Coast Guard or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that are stored each fleet site exchange for maintenance fee. Even the top brass at U [...]

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Was it really over Surely had to be. If you just want to see the pretty pictures feel free skip ahead. I had some scraps of red velvet decided to use on the bodice. in mothballs [...]

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Why I still miss that smell to this day beyond . We continued at full speed reached beloved slough threw our boat over the salinity gate rowed home dead battery and everything into truck away from Fleet HQ safe anonymity among city ahead of us. These historic vessels Mothball Fleet served their country in four wars WWII Korean [...]

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It s been ages. I will go into depth on each of the pieces following posts. Berkeley s Geography and English programs editor of Bearings [...]

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Row E IT was on our exit from second trip to that we decided prudent test the possibility of . Moments of peace and reflection punctuated fear but all it was escape sort that never managed to experience before. The ball wa. Like rapacious scavengers we sweeped the ships in search of photographs [...]

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I wore it for dress rehearsal and finally got lace on the neckline around second weekend of show. Daenerys Dress Beginnings For my have been experimenting with embroidery to go between the dragon scale smocking [...]

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They won a settlement to get creaky old ships out of Suisun and off scrapyard. If you ve driven on across the Benicia Martinez Bridge probably seen them. Once we knew it was possible time to get boat. I managed to return during the day when its interior spaces were best photographed and assessed [...]